Did You Know that Your Employees Can Influence Your Brand? Yes—and Here’s How They Do It


If you’re in business, then you most probably have employees to help you out.

And you know what? That’s well and good.

After all, without your employees, you’ll be up to your neck in work. Worse, it could lead to the downfall of your company.

Now, did you know that your employees can also have an influence on your brand?

Yes. In fact, they can have a huge impact on how to make it even better.


Here are some of the ways your employees can actually make or break your brand:



Transparency is a very important aspect of a good employer-employee relationship. Without transparency, your employees won’t be “in the know” on how your organization works, and chances are, they won’t be able to help improve or influence your brand.

If you want your employees to somehow contribute to your brand—then you need to be transparent with them. Explain to them your missions and vision for the company. This can help them express themselves in such a way that will have positive impact on your brand. The more you are transparent with them, the better for your brand (and the more motivated they’ll be to work).

Social Media

Let’s face it: Social media in the workplace is something you can never do away with. If you expressly prohibit the use of social media, chances are your employees will find a way to sneak some Facebook or Snapchat time between breaks.

Here’s a tip: Instead of prohibiting your employees from using social media—why not use them as your indirect brand ambassadors instead? After all, every employee you have is a brand (to his “friends”) by himself. So, if you are able to use their branding to your own business brand—then that can certainly be a good combination.

Take note though: You need to have a good social media use policy to actually make this work. Set the proper rules and guidelines for using social media while at work. You can also try to incorporate some strategies that can help your employees enjoy social media (while working)—and your business getting some brand exposure at the same time.

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Some Helpful Tips to Boost Your YouTube Marketing


Alright. So, you’ve started using YouTube to spread more word about your business, but somehow—it just isn’t working.


In that case, you might need to learn a few more tricks to make things work.

And in this post, that’s what we’ll try to do.

Let’s start:


1. Add a Branding to Your Videos

That’s right—conventional marketing methods can work here too.

Branding will not only be useful in your products—but they can be quite useful when added to videos as well. Why? To establish your business’ identity and consequently increase viewership.

When you are able to use effective branding for your videos, viewers will come to know that the video is actually yours and will keep coming back for more (provided they’re good, of course). Consequently, your products will have a bigger chance of being sold.

Now you might be asking yourself: How to do branding?

Well, branding is usually done by adding a watermark, such as logo or image, to your YT videos.

Let’s have this step by step.

First, go to “My Channel” and click on the gear icon just next to the Subscribe button. On the Channel Settings, click “Advanced Settings”. On this page, click “Branding”, then “Add a watermark” button.

You can upload your watermark by clicking “Choose File”, then simply navigate to your watermark file.

Afterwards, viewers can then just click on the watermark to subscribe (easy-peasy right?).

Very important: PNG and GIF formats with transparency and one color image are highly recommended.

Extra Tips to make your channel look more likeable:

Upload a channel icon and banner. Channel icons and banners make your channel look cool and professional. Viewers will think your channel is legit this way, so long as you keep your content relevant and informative.

Choose video thumbnails. Thumbnails let viewers see quick snapshots of your video. Typically, YouTube will choose the thumbnails for you. If you wish to customize it, you might need to have your account verified. (Check this out for more info https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72431?hl=en).

2. Optimize video search

Viewers search for videos in YouTube or Google. If you want your videos to get to the top of the results, then you have to make your videos more discoverable (aka: optimize).

Here’s how:

Add Keywords to Titles. Adding long descriptive keywords to your titles is highly recommended. Viewers normally search for keywords like “How to…” or “Ways to…,” which means you might want to do that.

Tip: Whatever you put in your keywords or key phrases, never include irrelevant terms. That’s a big no-no in optimization.

Write Long Video descriptions. Adding transcripts of your video content to your description can be a good move. Why? Because YouTube and Google rely heavily on the text of your videos (for optimization purposes). Note: When adding links, be sure to add “http://” to make it clickable.

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How to Use the Holidays to Improve Your Social Media Visibility


Wracking your brain to find the appropriate strategies to make your social media campaigns work?

Have you tried several schemes, but still haven’t driven traffic to your business?

Perhaps, you haven’t exhausted all options yet.

Have you ever given thought on giving some focus and attention on holidays? If not, then it might be high time you do so.

In here, you will find out how to exploit these special days—not just to increase your online visibility, but to increase your customers as well.


Let’s start:


A lot of businesses think that doing some pranks on April fool’s day would only annoy customers and would scare them away.

But then again, that’s not really the case. Of course, you’ll have to keep it nice and smooth, in order to actually make it work. Yes—finesse is the key here.


Here are some ideas and guidelines.

  • Spoof your products. Remember one of your goals is to advertise your products, not just your brand. You might perhaps consider punning photos of your products to make it look strange. Whatever it may be—make sure your pranks won’t harm anyone, and will actually be good for some laughs.
  • Know when to stop. Restrain your pranks to a certain level and for a certain time. Know the limits of what your audience can endure. In short: Don’t overdo it.
  • Let people know it’s a prank. Otherwise, you might only get into trouble later on.

Not everyone remembers “President’s Day.” Accordingly, you can take this as a chance not only to express your patriotism—but also to share your brand and products to the world.

Tip: Try to create patriotism-themed posts for the day. If possible, get a photo of the President or the flag as your background, to further emphasize the importance of the day. This can help convey your message (and your brand) in a much more effective way.


Strictly speaking, this day isn’t really an official holiday. During this day (January 24), you may encourage social media netizens to tag and thank/commend their friends and loved ones (in other words, “compliment” them).

For example: If you sell shirts, wouldn’t it be cool to post a t-shirt with “THIS GUY’S THE BEST” printed on it? You can give National Compliment Day a hashtag, too—and inspire everyone to say good things about each other.

Encourage good vibes. Stop the Hate!


Yes, this day exists. Obviously, this can be a good opportunity to make people smile.

Post your selfies/groufies of your staff wearing or at least advertising your products. And of course, don’t forget to caption and hashtag them. This can be a good form of indirect marketing, which as we all know, can be a pretty good strategy for businesses.

Note: Spread happiness—and you’ll be able to spread good word about your business.


If possible, you can always stir up your creative juices and start creating holidays of your own. Accordingly, that will not only be a good opportunity for people to know more about your business—but it can be a unique strategy as well.

After all: People need to know your business identity. By doing so, you attract more potential customers and you’ll be able to establish and grow your business.

Usually, “make up your own holiday” day this is celebrated on March 26.

So, go ahead! Make one, spread it, and celebrate when the day comes!


Sounds stupid, but who doesn’t enjoy asking “stupid questions”?

On September 28, you may actually post your products, captioned with a question relevant to your business, and hashtagged with #askastupidquestionday.

Make some fun. Take note though: This won’t come without bashers. So, just get ready to answer complaints posted in comments. But be cool about it.


This is a really good time to ride on your customer’s “spookiness”.

Netizens are often high in “spookiness” during this holiday. This is a great time to double your sales by advertising Halloween-themed shirts, candies, costumes, make ups, dress shops, etc.

In other words: Make it fun. Engage and interact with people. And enjoy!

Indeed, there are limitless opportunities and possibilities for promoting your brand—and these holidays can be excellent tools for that.

Just remember: Social media is about interacting with your audience and your potential market. So, if you get them to resonate with you and your business—then you are definitely on the right track.

Want help on your social media campaigns? Call us.



I get it. You’ve been in business for quite some time now, and you feel that sales aren’t as good as you want them to be. You’ve been sweating blood to boost your sales, but it seems that nothing is working.

Well, Pokémon Go has got your back.

This latest game craze has been massively sweeping mobile game players and social media since the first day it was released. (And I doubt if you’ve never heard of it yet…really?)

So, how do you exploit this potential of Pokémon Go? Let’s begin.



What’s this crazy PokéStop or gym by the way?

A PokéStop is location heavily inhabited by various breeds of Pokémon, while a Pokémon gym, just like a real gym, is a place where gamers get to train their Pokémon.

These are the places Pokémon Go enthusiasts love to visit because they can “harvest” quite a ton of Pokémon in just one sitting. (I think “love to visit” is an understatement.)

Now, who doesn’t want people flocking to his or her business?

So here’s the question: How do you turn your place to a PokéStop or gym?

The first thing you need to do is to apply to make your business a PokéStop or gym, by completing a request form. You may do this by visiting the Pokémon website. (https://support.Pokémon go.nianticlabs.com/hc/en-us/requests/new)

Once approved, users will be able to see in the game map a blue cube in your location, notifying that it’s a PokéStop or gym. And when this blue cube is tapped, users will able be able to see more details about your business. Now, isn’t that cool?


This is where Social Media networks like FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. come into the picture.

So, how do you promote your business?

Simple. Increase your social media visibility.

Remember that just as people are virtually “alive” in the Pokémon app, they are equally “alive” in their social media accounts (Keyword: Netizens).

You may post screenshots of Pokémon in your location captioned with an invitation to gamers to come and visit your place.

Once users start coming, you may encourage them to check in on their social media accounts and tag your social media channel when posting. This way, their friends will know where to find your place.

Plus, you may also have them take pictures of Pokémon with your products in the background, so people will get to know your business even more.


Ever heard of the saying “The best things in life are free?” Well yeah. People love discounts and freebies.

How can we use this for our business?

You may give freebies or discount for an equivalent number of Pokémon or scores the players get. Or perhaps, you can have a Pokémon contest.

Note: You don’t have to overdo it. Just give them a taste of what you have to offer.

Here’s another tip: You can also offer a Pokéstop and gym, discounts, and freebies (Now, what Pokésmon Go user won’t drool over these, right?). You can also try to offer free Wi-Fi and battery charging to make your shop even more impressive.

And don’t forget: Let users know that these services are free on your social media page, to spread the good news.


Most users (if not all) would love being recognized as Pokémasters.

You may take pictures or videos of them while playing (if they agree), which you can then post in your social media page (for that added “wow” factor).

Trust me. This new game craze is really fun—and your business will most likely benefit from it. It’s now up to you if you want to “Go” and make your business even better.

Note: As of this time, Pokémon Go is not accepting PokéStop requests. But don’t fret: According to some news, the company has some impressive plans for small business owners like you.

So, do you want to make your business more fun and exciting? Want to use this new game craze to boost your sales? Contact us—and we’ll help.

Useful Tips for Pinning Videos On Pinterest


You might have already heard of this old adage (or cliché I should say): “A picture paints a thousand words”.

Really, no one can argue with that.

Apparently, in this selfie age we’re now in—I think it would be safe to say that “a video is worth a million words”.

Of course: If you’re in business—that means you should never underestimate the power of videos for your campaigns (yup—even if we’re talking about Pinterest here).

So, without further ado—here are some useful tips on how you can pin your videos on Pinterest (and drive traffic to your website).

First: Let’s Have a Quick Intro

So, what’s Pinterest? Like FB, Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to post or “pin” images and videos into their own visual boards. Interestingly, you may also discover creative ideas from other users and browse what they have “pinned” in their accounts, to make your account and board/s even better.


Let’s Get Started

1. Use Pinterest’s Browser Button to Pin Videos Directly from Their Sites

We netizens have different favorite sites. Mine is Youtube. (Although I think this may be everyone’s favorite)

Now, if you want to pin a video directly from Youtube or from any other site, there are at least two simple ways to do this: Using a Pinterest Browser Button or the Share Button.

Let’s talk about the first method:

To use the Pinterest Browser Button, you need to download and install it first on your browser. You can find it here (https://about.pinterest.com/en/browser-button)

Once installed, the Pinterest icon will appear in your browser window. In most instances, you will see the icon on the upper right side of your browser’s windows.

Once you click this icon, a set of video thumbnails will appear from the site you’re in.

When hovering over a video, the word “save” will show up, allowing you to pin the video you wish to add to your Pinterest board.

Using the Share button:

Using the “share” button is another popular method to pin videos directly from sites. In most cases, videos posted in sites have “Share” buttons located either below or beside them.

Once you click this button, you will be able to select the social network where you wish to share the video. One of the options is Pinterest.

After clicking Pinterest, you can edit the details of the video and pick the board where you wish to add it. Voila! You’re done! (Not really, please follow through the next instructions)

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Do you wish to drive traffic back to your website? If so, then including the link of your site in your Pin will help you pull it off.

In fact, many claim that using images or videos to direct traffic to your website is actually one of Pinterest’s best features.

Now, how do you do this?

The first thing you need to do is click the “pencil icon” in your pin. You will see the URL or link of the video in the website field. Change that and put your website URL instead.

Whenever Pinterest users click your video, they will be redirected to your website, consequently driving traffic to it.

3. Drive Traffic to Facebook or Other Social Networks

Snapchat and Facebook “Live” have become quite popular trends lately. Of course, as businesses, we need to join in on the fun.

If you want to drive traffic to your social network such as FB or snapchat, you’ll have to download your videos, upload them to Youtube, then go through the same process above.

Note: Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have a feature for uploading videos yet.


To download your video in Facebook, you need to find it in your timeline first. Then, click on the date/time or on the video itself. Once you’re in it, you may click the “options” below it, then choose download.

Once its downloaded, upload it to Youtube. Then you can pin the video to Pinterest and use the same technique to drive traffic to your FB account.


If you wish to download Snapchat videos, you have to go to your Stories screen. Next to your story are three dots. Tap on that. Then just click the download arrow to download the video.

Yes–It’s as simple as that.

But we’re not yet done. The next thing you need to do is upload the video either directly through your smartphone or through your computer. Choosing the latter means transferring these videos to your computer first and then uploading. Afterwards, you can then pin the video to Pinterest and perform the appropriate strategies.


If you’d like your business to be more visible, Pinterest is a good start. People across the globe will be able to see your thoughts, your products, or perhaps your adventures. Once they like it—they will surely browse for more. This doesn’t only offer more fun, but may also bring about better business campaigns as well.

Want to use Pinterest for your business? Give us a call. We can help.

Want to Bring Your Business to Snapchat? Here Are Some Tips for You


Snapchat—it’s now becoming the new “it” in social media today, and there’s no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

Of course, as business owners, we need to take advantage of that, right?

After all, every opportunity out there means potential profits.

In other words: Don’t ignore Snapchat. It can bring you the benefits, advantages and moolah you need. Believe me.

So, do you want to bring your business to this ever-growing social media platform?

Here are some things you might want to keep in mind:


Tip #1: Know What Type of Content to Post

Take note: In Snapchat, there are basically two types of content that you can use to convey your message. These are: Value-added content, and Storytelling content.

Value-added content is about educating your audience. It’s about teaching people about what they need to know. In effect, it’s about offering people value. It’s giving them information that they can use to make their lives better.

Here are some examples of Value-Added Content:

  • Teaching them how to do a certain task or how to reach a certain goal or objective.
  • Introducing new industry tools that people can use to make their lives easier—and probably teach them how to use such tools.
  • How-to snaps, tips and other relevant information and content that they can use to their advantage.
  • Industry updates, in order to apprise people of new developments in their respective industries, making them more aware of how things are actually going.
  • Other types of content that people can use for their respective endeavors. In other words: Content that actually and realistically offers “value” to people. That’s the key here.

On the other hand, Storytelling Content are those that actually make your company or business more relatable and trustworthy. This type of content is focused on gaining people’s trust, thereby taking away any doubts or worries they may have on whatever it may be you’re offering to the picture.

In effect, this type of content is about establishing your brand. It’s about telling people that you’re what they need—and that they can absolutely trust you.

Some examples of Storytelling Content:

  • Content showing company values. Show them how ethical you really are.
  • Content showing how your business runs, or how good your relationship is with your employees. This can be photos of your last company outing, some selfies with employees, or the like.
  • If possible, give your audience a glimpse of your personal or business life. This will make you more personable to them—and more “human.” And as we discussed before, a “humanized” approach to your content (and marketing) can be a very effective tool for making it a whole lot better.

Take note: Make sure to have good content if you plan to use Snapchat for your business. After all, in the online world—your content can either make or break the game. So, better make it as good as it should be.

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Cost-Cutting Measures You Can Use for Your Facebook Ads


Is your FB ad campaigns getting a bit too hard on the budget?

Are you looking for ways to cut costs, so that you’ll have additional finances for other more important aspects of your business?

If you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

In here, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can make your FB ad campaigns more efficient and successful—consequently, making it even more feasible for your business.

So, are you ready?

Let’s start:


It All Starts With Understanding Your Audience

Yup—regardless of the business endeavor, you need to have a clear understanding of who you’re planning to reach out to. This is important, as this will help you find the right approach, tone and strategy to use for your FB campaigns, making them resonate a whole lot better for your intended audience.

Tip: Take a deeper look at your product or service. What specific group of people do you think needs it? Are they yuppies? Professionals? Teens? Senior citizens? Parents? Take them into account before proceeding. Next, try to use FB tools such (ex. Audience Insights) to dig deeper. This can help you take a more targeted approach for your campaigns.

Create Good Blog Posts—and Focus Your Ads on Them

Remember: Regardless of how targeted your audience is, if you don’t have the right posts to lead them to—it just won’t work. Your content is the key to the success of your campaigns. If your content isn’t that all good, people simply won’t give it the time it needs.

If possible, start with around 4-5 blog posts first. Make sure they are of high quality, with a message that actually resonates with your audience. Focus on their needs, as well as the solutions. This will make it more interesting for them, which in turn, can lead to better results.

Some suggestions for your blog posts: How-to articles, checklists, instructional articles, interesting facts and trivia, dos and don’ts, etc. Again, make sure your posts are actually useful for your audience. They should resonate with people, and are clear enough to be easily understood.

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Want to Go Viral? Here Are Some Steps You Might Want to Take

The word “viral” can be a very scary word, medicine-wise.

However, in the online world—the world “viral’ can mean a lot of good things. In fact, it can even more popularity for you.

Yup—we’ve encountered the term quite a number of times. And most probably, we’ve also clicked on and shared some of those viral posts.

Fact of the matter is: Going viral via the World Wide Web can be a big thing. And that could mean even more if you’re running a business.

If you have a business that you’re trying to promote via the online world, then having people share it to the world can never be bad. It could mean more shares, free promotion—and more importantly, greater brand awareness.

Now, the question is: How do we go viral? How can we turn our simple posts into something that will actually urge people to share it?

Here are some tips for you:

viral content


Knowing Your Audience Can Do Wonders

As we have always been emphasizing before, you need to know your audience first before you start creating any type of content over the web. This is essential, as this can help increase your chances for success, and for going viral.

When you know your audience, it becomes easier for you to tap into their emotions. You are able to know the specific message/s that people will resonate with, which in turn, allows you to create the content that they will not only love—but they’ll actually share as well.

Tap Into People’s Emotions

Emotions are what drives people to share content. Hence, if you are able to touch people’s emotions and they feel connected with your posts, they won’t hesitate to make known how they actually love your content. In effect, they will share your content, because they want to.

Joy, sadness, grief, anger—these are just some of the types of emotions that you might want to think of when creating your next viral content. Accordingly, these will not only lead to more shares for your posts—but it may also lead to better brand awareness at the same time.

Integrate Sharing Into Your Campaign

Simply put: Convince people to share your posts. Make it easier to share whatever content you’ve made.

Some of the biggest names in the industry such as Google and Dropbox have actually created campaigns that are focused on sharing. Some examples include incentives, perks and other unique ways of subtly encouraging people to share their posts. And considering how some of these names have become quite popular, it might be a good idea to follow their footsteps.

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Visual Content: How These Can Do Wonders for Your Social Media Campaigns


Do you constantly use social media to boost your business?

If so, then it would be highly advisable if you gave special attention to your visual content.


Well, because fact of the matter is: We humans are visual beings.

If you have good visual content, you’ll be able to catch the interest of more people. You’ll be able to drive more people to your website, landing page or whatever it may be you want. In effect: You’ll be able to boost your brand.

Yes—as simple as they may seem, your visuals will actually play a major role on how your social media campaigns will turn out. And the better they are—the more successful your campaigns are bound to be.

With that in mind, here are some aspects about visual content that you might want to keep in mind:

social media

Keep It Simple

Remember that you don’t have to include a thousand-word article in your social media ads just to make it work. In fact, the simpler your ad is—the better.

Having too many words will just confuse your readers or viewers. The key here is to include short, relatable and clear messaging on your social media content. Keep your description short (so, people don’t get turned off), then use compelling images. After all, a picture paints a thousand words, right?

In short: Let your images do the talking. This will make people even more interested in what you have to say.

Variety Will Do Wonders

Please take note that your campaigns is all about messaging. If you keep bombarding people with the same types of content and basically the same images—chances are they will get fed up with you. They will lose interest, and you’ll end up wasting a huge opportunity.

The key here is to use and create content that will actually spark conversations. And that can only be made possible if you provide different styles of content that different people can actually relate to.

Another important thing about variety is that different social media platforms will involve different types of visual content. Users will have more or less specific preferences, and you will need to keep them in mind for your campaigns.

Note: If you’re business is still budding, and don’t really have a team of graphic designers, don’t worry. There are actually tools that you can use for your campaigns. Just remember the strategy: Make sure your images will relate with your target audience or market. Some good examples would be statistics, memes, tutorials, polls, puzzles, quotes and stories.

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How to Build Relationships via LinkedIn


LinkedIn is among the most important social networks that businesses and business people can use to expand their networks. After all, this platform is where most of the world’s business authorities converge and communicate (in short: “socialize”).

However, we need to remember that joining LinkedIn is just the first step.

If you really want to make the platform work for you—you need to build relationships with your fellow members.


Because as well know, having good relationships with your fellow business people and clients is one of the most effective ways for you to enhance your business.

When you have a good relationship with people, you are actually building trust in your business and company. And once you’ve established that—you are on the road to the success you’ve always been aspiring for.

Here are some steps on how you can build relationships via LinkedIn:


Complete Your Profile

Although this may seem like a very simple step, a lot of members actually neglect to make it happen.


If you want to build relationships via social media platforms, your profile must be trustworthy enough. Remember that we are now living in an age where data breach and identity theft are quite common. As it is, the people you invite (via LinkedIn) might be a bit too skeptical if they saw that the person inviting them doesn’t have complete information. So, if you want to gain followers and connections, better exert the effort in completing your profile.

Invite People

Although some would say that you should only be inviting people you already know via LinkedIn—sticking to that motto might not be that a good idea if you’re planning to expand your network and want to get in touch with more people.

Invites are part of the process. And what makes this an even more essential step is the fact that LinkedIn actually houses quite a number of business people and “decision makers” who can surely bring your business the boost it needs.

Of course, you need to be strategic when inviting people. Try to browse the platform and look for that specific group of people you believe is somewhat related to your business (and can actually help out). And as much as possible, be personable with your approach. Courteously explain the reason why you’re inviting a particular person, in order to take away any negative pre-conceived notions that the invitee might have.

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